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Wearing ScarsButterfly (Перевод)
Wędrujący WiatrU Stóp Śniącego Króla Tatr
Wędrujący WiatrNa Łańskam Jyziorze
Wędrujący WiatrJa, Wiatr
Wędrujący WiatrWołanie Z Granitowych Twierdz
Red Moon ArchitectThe Other Side
Red Moon ArchitectA Wish For A Tear
Red Moon ArchitectBetrayed
Moments In GraceThe Silencing Truth
Moments In GraceCurtain Call
Moments In GraceThe Past
Moments In GraceDon't Leave
Moments In GraceNo Angles
Moments In GraceThe Blurring Lines Of Loss
Moments In GraceDistant And Longing Light
Moments In GraceMonologue
Moments In GraceMy Stunning Bride
Moments In GraceWe Feel The Songs
Moments In GraceMy Dying Day
Moments In GraceBroken Promises
Moments In GraceThe Patient
Moments In GraceStratus
Shadows FallBurning The Lives
Shadows FallStorm Winds
Shadows FallFailure Of The Devout
Shadows FallVenomous
Shadows FallFinal Call
Shadows FallDread Uprising
Shadows FallJust Another Nightmare
Shadows FallForevermore
Shadows FallBark At The Moon
Shadows FallDead And Gone
Shadows FallA Public Execution
Shadows FallPicture Perfect
Shadows FallEmbrace Annihilation
Shadows FallThe Taste Of Fear
Shadows FallWar
Shadows FallMy Demise
Shadows FallKing Of Nothing
KarkaosThe Last Stand
KarkaosLie For A Lie
KarkaosLeap Of Faith
KarkaosEchoes Of Perpetuity
KarkaosDepths Of Madness
KarkaosBlood, Sweat And Tears
KarkaosThe Tempest
KarkaosAwaiting The Clock's Last Turn
KarkaosThe Condemned
P.O.D.Roots In Stereo
AvatariumInto The Fire / Into The Storm
AvatariumIn My Time Of Dying
AvatariumThe Master Thief
AvatariumIron Mule
AvatariumRun Killer Run
AvatariumPearls And Coffins
AvatariumThe January Sea
AvatariumGirl With The Raven Mask
AvatariumDeep Well
AvatariumAll I Want
AvatariumLady In The Lamp
AvatariumTides Of Telepathy
AvatariumBird Of Prey
AvatariumPandora's Egg
Straight Line StitchFaceless And Inhuman
Straight Line StitchRemission
Straight Line StitchLine Of Fire
Straight Line StitchWalking Dead
Straight Line StitchAshes In The Wind
Straight Line StitchSound Of Silence
Straight Line StitchLiving Dead
Straight Line StitchNever Surrender
Straight Line StitchOne Reason
Straight Line StitchBar Room Brawl
Straight Line StitchNo Tomorrow
Straight Line StitchCold Front
Straight Line StitchLaughing In The Rearview
Straight Line StitchConversion
Straight Line StitchTear Down The Sky
Straight Line StitchHuman Bondage
Straight Line StitchWilderness
Straight Line StitchFace Of God
Straight Line StitchOut Of Body
Straight Line StitchDark Matter
WeedeaterLong Gone
WeedeaterPalms And Opium
WeedeaterJason... The Dragon
WeedeaterGimme Back My Bullets (Lynyrd Skyrnyrd Cover)
WeedeaterDirt Merchant