Текст песни Abstract Deviation My Lover

I’ll hear you anyway
You gave a liquid sign. Wait for me

You have a reason to ignite.
Tell me what’s inside.
Like a burning firefly,
you falling throw.

My darling, my lover, forgive me please.
Never thought we'll break away together, may.

Then you take a counterpart of me.
Then you take a doubled piece of my heart.
Please calm down and hide all things I feel.
Underneath a millions of my copies.

We're all made of secrets
We're all made of fire

Then i find a counterpart of you
Then i've got a doubled piece of your heart.
I want to know the dedicated truth
Underneath a thousands of our problems.

When the world collides and land come closer,
When it gets th the throat
I tried to tell you, well,
But all my colors are fading away.
I tried to tell you..
What did you buried inside?
Brilliance shining?
Rebrend yourself
And turn back time
Why did you buried inside
Brilliance shining?

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