Текст песни Annisokay The Final Round

Oh we had too much fun my friend
I am wasted I am the end
Sneaking out and staying up until the morning
Sneaking out and staying up drinking without any prior warning

We were electric we felt it in the air
We were on fire and it was everywhere
Our feet never touched the ground
Our bodies will never be found

Too many shots and we've lost all game control
On an empty stage without a living soul
That's the way we danced until we forget
Until we woke up in an ice cold sweat


We were looking for fun
And getting high for free
But what did we know what did we see
A taste of real life as it should be
Ready for another lie?
This shit is gonna make you high
Come on and take another shot
Like a criminal who hasn't been caught

We got into trouble but we moved on
And that's where the beginning of the end begun
I am scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
I am scared cause there is no you anymore except in my dreams tonight

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