Текст песни Cry Excess Hustler

Why do you need to look somebody fucking else?
Ia that you? Or is that me?
Just be your fucking self, just be yourself,
And here we, and here we go

You know me, I see the world in black and white,
My world is a mess, but when you look in my eyes,
I’m sure you can find the real me
Buried under tons of fears,
Of scars so I prefer to
Disappear and live the rest of my life,
With the ones I will find right there by my side
No matter what and where,
I need somebody to understand
Somebody to fucking understand

Why do you think that I’m the bad one,
What do you expect from me
You know I’m walking my path,
And you can’t fucking stop it
I’m a fucking Hustler, Yeah

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