Текст песни Murderdolls Motherfucker i dont care

I hate your voice and I hate your face
Exterminate you from the human race
Life's a joke and the joke is on you
Hey you, it's true, you suck, fuck you

I hope and pray every day
I'll get the news that you passed away
So take your life and turn it off
Goodbye, so long, get lost, fuck off
I don't care, motherfucker I don't care
I don't care motherfucker

Suicides the only choice for you
To see you dead would be a dream come true
Slit your wrist and show God who's boss
Goodbye, so long, get lost, fuck off

Why don't you do the whole world a favor
Connect your throat to the nearest razor
Or do you need it spelled out for you
Well F.U.CK.Y.O.U.
Motherfucker I don't care
Motherfucker I don't care

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27.5.2010 19:11 №38873 О

Кульная песня!!!

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