Текст песни AngelMaker Blood For Blood

There is a bleeding unlike the rest
When you stab the blade into the chest

Pulses cease from existence
The light fades into nothingness
Your life is but punishment
Your voice still pleads ignorance

Your pulses raging so softly
The longing torment ensues my mind
The voice in the back of my head says to be kind
The shallow water fit for drowning
But the lies won't seem to suffocate
Cant you see the depths await your fate
I hope to rid this earths scum

Birthed from the fires
The truest form of fear
With the wave of his hand he will raise the souls of the damned
No one will be left to tell
For a darkness inside us dwells
Maybe we all deserve to burn in hell

We hear the words, they're not spoken clearly
These words will swim when the mind sinks
I lift a hand to seal these lies
That society will try to disguise

Sickened as this race procreates
With every lie forced down our throats this world has become such a joke
I think im going to fucking choke
Time for chaos

I embody everything that you hate
Take these lies and shove them down your throat
you fucking disgrace
I've had enough of the bullshit
And everything that you say
It makes no difference to me
You'll be dead by morning anyway

I cant stand this anymore
I'm disgusted by the human fucking race


Sickness grows a sense of purpose on the veil of sentiments
It sits upon our shoulders while others try to teach elegance
Entwined in vicious unrelenting guilt and impatience
The faces of the weak are crumbling from the weight of pestilence

Hidden from the eyes set to wilt
I never cried murder on a cold day
But the lies and hypocrisy can make a man a martyr
By taking but his heart away in reckoning and sickening
The ties of the lies they will die so grim
But first things first we will cut out the eyes of sin
The souls of the weak held are within

Tonight they burn
Then I will live and you will learn
Then I will take what lies within
That's blood for blood

This is blood for blood you cunt
I will make you fucking bleed
Get the fuck down on your knees
Slit your own throat for me please

Slit your own throat for me please?

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