Текст песни AngelMaker Bloodthirster

Look into the eyes of a man infatuated with a plan
To inflict torment, misery and agony from now until eternity

I watch you plead on your knees begging me, it won't stop me
Inflicting pain, it sets me free
Lacerate, breaking bones, skinning flesh
Pain and bliss, now entwined in coalesce

You will lay on the ground begging and pleading
But don’t you see suffering, it sets me free
I’m so sorry but I’ve gone too far to let you be

Hands wrapped tightly around the neck
Mouth of blood spills down your throat
Breaking through the limitations of pain forever Writhing
Pain is all that ever made sense to me

It goes on and on and on for all the eye can see
Endless misery becomes reality
Humans crave pain
Skinned alive, I promise to keep you breathing
I’ll leave you awake, conscious with all feeling


There’s no healing only weeping from the lashing and the peeling
Breaking bones that puncture flesh
I want to see you beg for death
Pray for release
Miles from peace
Suffer forever

This addiction to overwhelming hatred inflicting pain and ever lasting bloodshed
Please excuse my lack of sanity
Sadistically fulfilled bathing me in ecstasy
I hold dear my wicked fantasies, revolting, vile, vicious, hostile tendencies
And endless suffering awaits

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