Текст песни A Textbook Tragedy If You Want Blood...

(I can tell that there is something wrong)

Darling you look unwell,
Your skin is so pale and it scares me to death.
Have you seen a physician lately?
Or are you planning to wait this one out?

Let's run off to the cost,
I'll rent us a car and a room with a view.
In the morning you'll feel better or at least we should hope.

And you know that this is all I ever wanted,
Despite the fact that we are staring death right in the face.
I'm at the point of desperation now.

And then we stumbled out the front door,
Bags packed with some hope left in our eyes.
As they approached us we were almost at the sidewalk.
I nearly panicked as I saw that blood was dripping from their teeth.

We headed north towards victory square,
they were trying to keep up.
Nobody said that this was going to be easy,
But I didn't plan on certain death.

I'm sure that there is nowhere to run,
But just try to stay alive.
I'll hold your hand until you turn into one of them,
I won't let go.

Oh my god,
your skin is peeling from your face,
How could this happen here?
How could this happen?

Oh my god,
I've had enough,
Just lay me down to sleep,
Just lay me down.

This town is burning to the ground.

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