Текст песни A Textbook Tragedy Confessions Of A Teenage Grammar Queen

Last word
Clenched jaw
She'll be fine
Trophy scars
Spell that shit
She'll do fine
Come on baby
Win this for me
You're the best there ever was
Hush falls
Crowds dead
Oh shit
What have I done?
Prescription drugs these days
I just want to go home
But I can't because I'm so high that I killed every fucking person I know
(And now my throat is gushing blood)
Get me a doctor
There's no hope for anyone else
I'm a god-damn honor roll student
I correctly spelled all the words
Get me my trophy
And my crown and thrown
Before I die or sober up
I want to be well known
Is this what you wanted?
I brought home top prize
Are you as proud as you look
Despite the wounds gaping in your fucking chest?

Текст добавил Yuiko 27.2.2010 15:17

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