Текст песни Atrocity Fatal Step

I meet a girl – she seems ok
She wants to show me all her friends

But what I can see – I known before
Their red eyes – the same as my Ma's!

The invite me to drink and to take some pills
"You should smoke a pot of hash, too!"
I try to refuse but I wanna integrate
"Don't be a coward – just become our friend!"

"Just become our friend!"
"Then you feel like us!"
"TO BE!"
"Without any sorrows!"
"Without any restraint!"

I want to know these miracle drugs
I want to taste the feelings of them

Beautiful things – in her mind
Thousands of colors – wonderful sounds

Give me some more!

This is your first step to your death!

Текст добавил fully alive 26.5.2009 9:55

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