Текст песни Atrocity A Prison Called Earth

I look in the mirror and what I can see is one face with abandoment
I can't hide myself and I'm not free, living in mental abesement


The rising sun awakes gleams of hope, but who does trust them anymore?
A life in disillusion shows the truth of this gloomy glamour


Wherever I walk on earth– a neverending search
My present is my past– my future hopeless
Live the dying world! – injustice
The vicious circle turns– impetuous
From child, adolescent, adult, age of death
Systematic clearence– disheartening experience
No time, no place– for a righteous change

No god, no preach could save my will to live
Death was and will be
All my dreams, all my wishes like a small heap of ashes
Emotions, feelings they are gone– being formed and educated by.....

..... A prison called earth
Your end is your birth– a prison called earth
Self-realization's death– a prison called earth

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