Текст песни Atrocity Begotten Son (Of Wrath)

Burniong, crushing
a homicidal horde of destroying
I have cuesed you endlessly
'till you suffer eternally
I bring you do despair
once you will repent
burning, impaling
I sought and found you – praying
your weak god is powerless
In my world of emptyness
you are left alone
i impale you through the bone
i saw the fiery pits of hell
and the torturing of the lost souls
lost eternally
lived infernally all the ended in the dusk
Shatteder, wasted land
see you in bloodred tonight
The usurper is scared to death
he has beaten to retreat
struggle for power
days are numbered
tyhe stubborn land has to be free
Shattered, wasted land
see you in bloodred tonight
I'm the begotten son of wrath
the one who decides your fate
not living for the honour but for pain
my revenge is mercyless,
you bodies are ipaled
and your life is always in my hands
Begotten son of wrath
Like a guiding star
corpses' avenue droping blood turns to fountain head
Hate os growing strong
Mind is down below
not weakens until you ret in pain
begotten son, he's not from the heaven-sent
he is taking your lives like wildfire
chosen victims, you don't know even when
look at the heaven's vault
i bet you will never see again
the cosmos, the universe
closed their gates for my deadly vengeance

Текст добавил fully alive 26.5.2009 10:14

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