Текст песни Beirut A Candle's Fire

Light a candle's fire
Carries a good name
What would you ask a campfire
That scares me just the same

And knew you had it all along
An endless need for games
Don't forget a candle's fire
Is only just a flame

I, it's certain from afar
Failed to pull my weight
But you and I traveled through the fog
To arrive at our front gate
At night we rest beside the fire
And smile upon your face

Just don't forget a candle's fire
Is only just a flame

If I had known
That to carry on that way
It wouldn't show
In the creases on your face

If you should go
But you carry on my name
Just let it blow
In the fog of Bishop's Lane.

Текст добавил Sanya 15.7.2015

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