Текст песни Call To Preserve Dear Galatia (Feat. Johnny Intravaia And Drew Russ Of Seventh Star)

Where do you go from there?
Make your sacrifice to a dead altar
You've followed the letter,
and still don't have the answers

Standing empty after all the motions you've done
You've tried to make peace
But the guilt still weighs you down

You've got to let go
And accept there are things that you'll never know
Can't polish gold with filthy rags,
Filthy hearts and hands
Got to let go
'Cause you're worst always outweighs
The battles you've won
You're work, you're work here will never be down

But you keep yourself trapped
Look to tenet to make yourself intact,
So the cycle never ends
You've just got to let go

You can work for your salvation
But you'll never earn it
You've just got to be humble enough to accept it
You can search inside yourself,
but you'll never find it
You just got to be humble enough to accept it

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