Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Eternal Wisdom

Perversion of a truth
Lies in their heads
To disappear - it's all i want to do

I would fall to slumber
This lonely darkness will consume me
Eternal wisdom
Burning fire
Eternal wisdom makes us calm

Save it
It's only way to live

Hold it
And never try to crave

Save it
This fire will not damped

Hold it
Eternal fire

Fire that will makes you wake up
Now you see the wrong visions
Combinations of happiness and sorrow

Just try to understand your being
Moment of a real disregard

Mind is clear
Trust is faint
But something is wrong

Decaying paradise
In burning hands we hold our destinies
Not lifes
For arise


For every hopeless soul
You will suffer just for your thoughts
No mistakes
No forgiveness for the weakest

So, oh, so you are gone
It was really predictable
Try to memorize
When your thoughts are trying to hide

So, oh, so you are gone
It was really predictable
But now it's too late
You will not become immortal

You wan't be immortal


Now their cries can't be heared
These sounds were lost in void
We a all glorify
Impossibe to stop

So try to walk away

Foundations of a human's end are situated in every fucking head

Текст добавил Zeth 27.11.2013 17:43

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