Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Fetch Away

When nightfall comes
I try to hide in shades

Stars looks like dreams
I want to fetch away

Top of the world
Top of the world will be remained
Is this what you want?

Blackned stones
Impression of darkness

Depths of space
Depths of space
Couldn't be lost

Reminiscence of the great past shall explode our heads

Surgical intervention
Is similar to this case
Feeling of this hopelessness is rising with every step

Psychical disorders will be common in the next time
Laceration of mental connections
Disembowelment of the lifeless essence
Ruins of all what you've got
Kill this cursed moment

Take me back in time

Where the sun brightly shines and every second gives me a hope to ressurect

Approaching to the unknown orbits
I'll face my doom
Their age can not be counted
But my age can be

Текст добавил Zeth 27.11.2013 17:45

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