Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Phaeton

Creation of masses
Another permission to live your own life

Reactions of failure
In the endless strife

Source of existence
Another aversion will follow you now

Transforming thy systems
Collapsing thy powers
Rebirth of the thousands will happen tomorrow
But at first they'll die

So now it's looks like everything stands still
These orange clouds covers me

I can't breath freely in this world
And shaking ground is so fuckin cold

Silent lands of Phaeton hides the monument
Which stands in honor of a death and grief

Masterpiece of nature in an every stone
And eternal fire lies below

Hail the Phaeton
It will be here
In any form
Hail the Phaeton

Abaddon comes from stars
Their light've lost in time
Planets gathered in a circles

Brown ridges now are hollow
Feels like an abnormal sorrow
Feels like an abnormal sorrow

Rain of ashes fell down from this darkened
Fell down from this darkened sky

Orbit of an ancient planet will move
To the unknown path
Glow of Nemesis
Solar wrath

Millions of years ago
That flash was born
The godless power has consumed us all

A vortex of a space
Rings of Saturn
And every giant sun and every moon

Tell us story about
Laceration of these beautiful lifes
Separation of the planets which cries
Glorious ruins of the ancient giants

I'll never know
I'll never see asteroids
Which are remnants of a former greatness
Which are darker than a depths of a space
Which are darker than a depths of a space

The greatest Phaeton
I am trying to be calm
But particles of storms
Makes me so cold

Is brightest for my heart
But common for the greatest universe

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