Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Consequences

Bow down!
To the flesh of fallen leaders
For a great and new begining
Bow down!
To the greatest conquerors of this fallen world

Bow down
That's all
There is no escape

So i can't see the sky behind this flame

Bow down
That's all
There is no escape for those who trying to construct the hell

Is rising
Like a huge volcano
Like a flashing thunder
No one shall remain

Crucifixion is a dream for them

Of the fallen
Of the fallen ones that will erase your blood and all the past
Another revision of life
Another damned solution
Show your immortality
Strike your blades into thy throats

And so began the endless darkness
Agonizing rave

Until you choke on those words of hatred
Salvation shall fail and your breath shall stop
Stop it!
Stop it!

A perverse treat
This shit begins to go inside
Inside of us

So fuckin brightly
That things will blur your vision
Your nose is bleeding
Your eyes are full of dirt

Bow down
Bow down
To the fallen leaders
For a great and new beginning!

Текст добавил Zeth 27.11.2013 17:44

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