Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Black

Disenchanting from their visions
Earth is shaking
Fiery pillars slowly emerge from the cracks
And the blackness of cold ages is arising from this depths now

The daemonic scenery
Visions of the massacre
Corruption and hypocrisy

Bow fuckin' down

Stars sent their slaves
To retreive the abaddon
Look at me
Faceless one
Where is your world now?

Through remains and ruins you shall search for savior
And become a traitor of your own feelings

Through the deadly oceans you shall search for savior
And become a victim of your own fear

Unknown color
For me it's black

I know it's real
And it will attack

Through remains and ruins
You shall search for savior

The great apocalypse

Bow down to your gods
To their flesh and fire that blind
Deadly mankind drained into stone
Now they corpses are laying below

Only great storms can see the end of the Earth

Planet suffocates
Oceans are the past and sky is black
And so that's all

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