Текст песни Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Abyss

From the shallow
In the waves of stormy sea
We see their blackned backs
Beyond these depths

And run with horror
From the waves of stormy days
It looks like a good chance to meet your end.

As the storm will rage outside the walls
Walls of great madness
Purifying sound from another world
Is coming from the abyss

The call of mighty creatures
That sounds from darkest depths
The ocean is not silent
It speaks to all of us

Your god won't help you
This is a crushing end

People are afraid to talk about this place
They don't want to show their fear
You can't believe in these filthy tales
But simply look at your hands

Covered with flesh and blood

It's coming from the abyss

Текст добавил K@in 13.6.2010 20:55

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