Текст песни Carcer City The Escapist

I walk the path laid out before me,
Desperate hand fail to hold onto all the moments of the past.
Its a fate that comes to us all,
Blindfolded we walk to our demise.

So I'll take my chances in this life,
No second thoughts,
No turning back.
Blindfolded I walk the path laid out before me.
Desperate hands fail to hold onto every day
And every night spent.
Every moment I keep locked inside me.

I will not forget you, but I must carry on in this ocean.
With every breath bringing me closer,
I'll let the waves take me where they will.
I will live this day like its my last,
Because one day I will not escape the rising tide.

I'll take my chances in this life.
I am not afraid to lose it all.

Текст добавил G O D 24.9.2012 16:14

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