Текст песни Carcer City Patience Won't Heal The Broken

Framed inside the reflection of the mirror,
I saw a perfect picture.
The hands won't wait for you to save this,
And I cannot go on pretending you feel the same.

I am done tracing circles, repeating the past.
This is the only way out.
Trust me, this is the only way out.
I have seen it all before and
I can't make the same mistakes.
I have seen this before,
I should have seen it fucking coming.
Its the same road with different scenery.

But I couldn't see the forest from the wolves.
This time I am not selling myself short again.
If we're in this, then we're in this together.
So what will it be?
Framed inside reflections of the mirror
I saw perfect picture...
And I wanted this, the long nights on the floor,
The long days underneath the red sky.

And all I have said all I needed to say.
Made myself clear,
So I'll wait for the call, so what shall it be?
Return to embrace or destroy?
I'll wait for the call.
The hands won't wait for you to save this.

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