Текст песни Carcer City Ghosts (Part III: The Messenger)

I watched the sunset behind burning buildings,

Blue roses apon her deathbed.

I watched the garden we lay in wither and die.

I felt the hour hand pulling the boy out of me.

Yet still he wonders “angel, who pulled the wings from your back?”.

The messenger comes, holds me and whispers:

"i will show you what you have become.

Tonight, i will show you how to live again…

For we are not the love you seek, we are merely her ghosts -

And if you stay here you will receive the same fate.

But do not fear, in the fields of elysium we will walk together

Like ghosts, in this place we’ll stay young forever.

There’s no saving us. there’s no saving those who don’t want to be saved.

So walk with me tonight and i will show you the way, i’ll show you how to live again… tonight.”

I could ask the same questions a thousand times and still never have any answers.

I could walk this circle forever but it would change nothing.

It would change nothing.

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