Текст песни Cataract Ruin And Rule

Media used as a platform
To put things in a better light
Its so easy to have a say
But its hard to tell the truth
Of some ones mind
On a paper
Manipulated to ruin and rule
Dont listen
Dont read
Dont believe
The words they say
My words turned around
My truth became their lies
The truth of the followers
The lies of the honest
Or is it that you just wont see
They are only here
To ruin and rule
Dont listen
Dont read
Dont believe the words they say
Dont listen dont read
Dont believe
The words were written
Do i have to prove you wrong?
Or is it up to yourself
Is it better working eye for an eye
Feel me now
Touch my skin
And turn the switch
To ruin and rule...

Текст добавил Pheo 5.10.2009 14:31

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