Текст песни Cattle Decapitation Dead Set On Suicide

Irrational, illogical and preposterously ludicrous
Denatured, deprogrammed to blindly
go against what we are
Human ideas turned concrete, material
Our funeral drape now hewn from
the fabrics of imagination

Turning the other cheek – this never worked within the wild
You'd be a meal in seconds –cycle of life/natural law
Now see this Jesus Christ, a thorn in the side of right
No fight or flight? Anything else is simply suicidal

No love for enemies, I see their eyes –
waiting there in the shadows
Extended hands will only be severed –
you've condemned yourself to the gallows

Jesus Christ is suicide.

Sighting the blind, sheltering the poor
Blood into wine, but all is fair in blood and gore

Sensational, unanimous, we need a hero
Unguided, this chaos that makes humans what they are
How neutered, how secure, new drones to shovel this manure
Keep the masses sedated, validating their
tendencies for hatred

Jesus Christ is suicide.

Alas, so sweet are the sentiments
Aghast I stand in your ignorance... unclean

He must hate everyone of us
He would enslave everyone of us... forever...

No love for enemies, I see their eyes –
waiting there in the night
Extended hands will only be severed –
now you realize Christ is death.

Текст добавил sashabortnik23 17.5.2012

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