Текст песни Cedar of Lebanon Chicago Riots

when you're down and you say those words
that throw me out by my head
you're not so lonely when you
throw me out by my legs
in this world there you go alone
but you throw me out by my arms
but you let me sit there
throwing me out when i'm not there

a question... do we want this flower to bloom?
try... try... try...
the intention: removing this poisonous doom
try... try... try...
the gathering is formed to prevent the lies
try... try... try...
her blood spills right in front of our eyes
trying... trying... trying...

our history... gives us so much to read
to learn from our mistakes,
mother we hear your pleas
let's get off our knees
life's a puzzle
i struggle, i try
try to solve this life, i try...
try to resolve it. you know i try...
and i never do lie
let's start this riot...
let's get off our knees

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Тексты Cedar of Lebanon