Текст песни Challenger Deep Untitled / Unspoken

I don't need your words
Full of lie and tenderness
I see your face in this reflection
Of network mirror
It's spoiled by empty feelings.
Your scream will fade away…

(Your scream will fade away…
Your scream will fade away…
Your scream will fade away… )

We are too weak to be released and escape from here in the real world.
Our stars are desktop wallpapers, our air is electricity.
The sunshine will never charm us, but short circuit will dement…
(But short circuit will dement… )

We sit in our prisons
Waiting for something
Sometimes I forget this pain,
Which steals my forces.
You can give me one last chance
And forget that
My mind will be your resting place
You are my pain…

We sit in our prisons,
Waiting for something.
Sometimes I forget this pain
Which steals my forces
I can give you one last chance to escape from here
But it just illusion, I will leave you here for ever.

Текст добавил Pac-Man 10.7.2012 17:00

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