Текст песни Challenger Deep Monologue Of The Forgotten (Katrin)

And I`ll be so broken…
Please, don`t leave me now
Please, don`t leave and give a little hope
Every day I`m waiting for you
Please, don`t leave me now
It all is written in my eyes…

…You will leave me having left only vain hope to my soul
You leave me here for ever… in this grey and old walls!

And I`ll be so broken..
Please, don`t leave me now
You`ll be all for me, I need your warmth..

Looking at the world through broken glass,
I hope to hear your voice and feel your hands.

I wait every day when my existence will turn to life
Storing in a head a portrait of mother which never saw…
which never heard… which has left me in these gray walls.

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