Текст песни Choking Victim Fuck America

T.V. tries to sell me stuff that I don't really need
The government hypocracy is intertwined with greed
All I need now is another media blitz
About jesus down in waco and the odor he emits

Whoah-ho / fuck world trade / fuck the state

The trade center is bombed and the FBI is pissed
So they act the good americans, blaming muslim terrorists
People so brainwashed caught up in the media TV
So quick to pull the trigger claiming they are guilty

Whoah-ho / fuck world trade / fuck the state

Mcdonalds will bloom as the major competition
Between jesus and the devil for this governments religion
People so caught up in the freedom that they see
While america's fucking over every single country

Whoah-ho / fuck world trade / fuck the state

Fuck america [x4]

Текст добавил Jetboy 14.8.2017 16:18

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