Текст песни Chrome Division Lets Hear It

Another day on a dusty road
We've got a long way to go
Don't even bother lecturing us
'Cause we already know

We should've been here a long time ago
We had a lot to do
Get ready 'cause here it comes
Tonight is all for you

Let's hear it
We're finally coming to town
Let's hear it
From everyone around
Let's hear it
Satisfy your soul
Let's hear it
Doomsday Rock n' Roll

I've been travelling on the Devil's trail
Sometimes it's hard
Without some good friends along the way
You never make it far
We've been working on that good old beat
Just to get it right
Feel so damn good inside to
Read 'Live Tonight'

Another day on that dusty road
But i do it for you
We do almost anything
Just to pull it through
Here we are in front of you
Here to drive you wild
Little girl...
Won't you take off that tiny shirt
It's time to make me smile

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