Текст песни Colonize The Rotting Composting The Masticated

Driven to psychosis, compelled to maim and mutilate
Erect a compound to contain my victims
Caged to be killed, final destination fertiliser
Malice the catalyst, I commence to strike humanity
Picking off people at random to fulfil my need
To chop up their flesh, discard the remnants gruesomely

Worthless are human beings, their one and only redeeming quality
Is the nutrition in their rotting body decomposition
Heaping the hacked with intent to ferment, soaking the ground
To make them fertile once more, death yields life

I'm going crazy, brazen are my actions, abducting people publicly
Engulfed by malice with reckless abandon, keeping captive, the compost to be

Keeping them cooped up, waste them then place them in open air mass graves
Chosen at random I crudely segment them, placed at the chopping block
I am drenched with each blow, heap the hacked with intent to ferment
The dead on display, allowing my captives a preview of their fate

Within weeks they will ripen, mulch ready to be processed
Chunks fed to the wood chipper, liquified remains enrich the soil
My captives I ensure they stay, removing knee caps, fingers and toes
Nailing them to walls, suspended till I shall call upon them

First hack across the mouth, taking off the cranium

Twelve more hacks across the neck and chest, then the truncated torso is broken down
Thrown in the pit to ferment among the liquid flesh, like pieces of shit in shallow graves
Crunching of bone beneath blunt instruments, as fragments blast outward from ruptured skin
Captives spectate, the next to be killed too weak to plead, with bloodlust I dismantle bodies in minutes

I kill people with no regard for the law, giving no thoughts towards being caught
Without remorse I intend to continue killing
Taking no care to conceal my identity, I head into town to abduct more people
To meet the need for visceral mutilation
Indifferent to potential consequences, hoarding humans for my harvest
Indulging in dismemberment to satisfy the need
Retching while rejoicing at the sight of slaughtered human rotting
Tissue fermenting in piles of stagnate compost mulch

Masticated the human race
Mangled human flesh compost my victims, kill to sustain my life
Mangled human flesh compost my victims, eager to take your life
Mangled human flesh compost my victims, so much hate for your kind
Mangled human flesh compost my victims, feasting upon the weak
Mangled human flesh compost my victims, butchered with no mercy


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Тексты Colonize The Rotting