Текст песни Colosseum On the Strand of Nightmares

Towers stand tall reaching the grey skies
Seen the weight of the years untouchable
Sleeping waters returned you from their depths
On the strand of nightmares you've become rotten flesh

Air has become a poison making our lungs to bleed
Choking to our own wishes to flee
Dreaming no more

Once you thought you've seen all the world
Thought you'd conquer the supremacy of your sanity
Without single drop of sorrow you left from here
Ending your way - ending your days

You never could achieve being part of humanity
You never saw a beauty in all the laughter and joy
Like unfinished novel you wasted all your ambitions
Sold your blackened soul and got nothing back

Pictures lie torn and loss is perpetual
Mirrors lie broken and wounds will never heal
There will be no grave for your memory
All the struggle was worth nothing at all

There will be nothing for you in all eternity
The memory of all that was meant to be worth cherishing
Will soon fade away like a dying flame
The flame that was already stillborn in its birth

All you thought as noble and great
Has long gone and entered its grave
The storm will come and hurl us all to flames
Towers still stand invulnerable and gazing to vast horizon

Enter the collective brain - Enter the universal truth
See the chaos and macrocosmic lunacy
Written beyond the timeless stars
Written beyond the perception of mind

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