Текст песни Contempt Suicide

You're on your own
Pissed off of this world
Only burnin' pricklin' feeling
Somewhere in your brain
Satisfies you
Bloody tears rollin'
From your new eyes
The only thing you sense is the
Beating of your heart that gets
Weaker and weaker
And the fog that surrounds you
Gets greater and darker

So pull the trigger
Of your gun that aims right
Into your mouth
Shoot your head and finish
Your fuckin' misery
Bam! Your eyes still lookin
Towards emptiness
But they percept no more
You're only one step
Far from all the evil that scares
You, so make
A fucking step and fly
Fly like a bird, it'll take only
A while till you fall

You're receiving your whore
Misery life again
What you're thinking about?
You wanna come back?
No fuckin' way!
You're dead!!!

Текст добавил sashabortnik23 8.8.2011 23:20

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