Текст песни Crazy Juliet Fury from Mercury

Hey you, the virgin cosmonaut
And inhabitants of Earth!
You’re waiting for an unpleasant bout,
Galactic intrusion with the purpose of a hurt.

On radars disturbing sounds of UFO
There’s my girlfriend - the leader and conqueror.

Fury from Mercury.

Ай & яй & яй!
Blue Earth should die!
Fatal impact from space, ай & яй & яй!
She will fly and we’ll not hide.
A threat from space in her grace,
Ай & яй & яй!

In the newspapers and in the TV set,
Moslems, Chinese, Africans and Christians, all pray.
Catastrophe Ballet above cities - it is very bad!
It looks like a film “Independence Day”.

Losing Air, Ground and Naval Forces.
Her laser will roast their asses.

Текст добавил Linn 20.7.2009 1:04

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