Текст песни Crematory Only Once In A Lifetime

Total darkness - Utter silence - No sentiment
The sound of falling sand
A gleam of light - A dust of wind - A silent shadow
A sense of flapping wings
Bloodless - Meatless - Without a body
The soul leaves the old remains
Helping hands - Sweet voices - Enticing offers
A long journey into subconsciousness
Familiar faces - Familiar voices - Old thoughts
Is this the life or the final death?
Old life - Old sins - Lasting temptation
A new journey through my other self
Total darkness - Silent voices - Beating hearts
A new body of flesh and blood
Childish feelings - Familiar feelings - Old memories
Becoming weak - A new life awakens
New beginnings - New mistakes - New sins
Till death settles for a new life

Only once in a lifetime

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