Текст песни Crematory Farewell Letter

See the division of pathes
wich decides about your divine ordinance
Feeling a certain coldness
of a secret power that entangles the spirit
In memory of people
without them you would not exist
In memory of people
who would not exist without you

What would you give to live your life again?
What would you change with a second chance?
And could you learn from the mistakes? I don't know...

Longing for the meaning of life
while breathing day in and day out
realize how slight it is
keep an eye on the universe at night

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26.8.2010 23:45 №42291 О


Муха Вжик


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21.6.2009 21:23 №16944 О

Отличная песня, доказали что есть голос, даже моей лапуле нравится )

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