Текст песни Crematory Misunderstood

Take my hand and show me
A world so full of life and love
Where storm clouds are a mystery
And only blue skies are above
Suffering and questions why
No pain in a short goodbye

The sweet smile on my lips – misunderstood
And the light in my eyes – misunderstood
All the comfort of a kiss – misunderstood
The sweet words in my mind – misunderstood – misunderstood

Take my heart and listen
A life so full of good and harmony
Where space and time – dominate
And only life is useless
No more colour in my face
Every life and love – abominate


I stay behind and hope – that your life will hold
I stay behind and hope – that your life will unfold

Take your time and leave me alone
Days are gone – and your heart won't break
In this long goodbye – please don't cry
All that you will remember
When the darkness kills the shadows – kills all life


Текст добавил Jetboy 16.6.2016 23:25

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