Текст песни Crematory Die So Soon

An angel made of night and shades kisses tour bloddy tears away
Releases you from the agony
Is what you really need …just to live
Just to live on

Don't get me wrong
I'm so happy today
Cause I'm gonna die so soon
Don't get me wrong
Cause it's ok
Cause I'm gonna die so soon

All that they ever promised you
But all those years always refused
They demanded humility and gratitude
That's what they need
For their battering and degradations


Ignored-fooled and blinded
Stained-vanished and wounded
Cause I'm gonna die so soon

No more wind blowin through my hair
No more love, lies, anger and fear
Or a cool breeze in the summer air
Pleasure and dreams, wasted years, forgotten tears


Текст добавил Jetboy 16.6.2016 23:25

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