Текст песни Crematory My Love Within

Cut out my tongue and cut throat
And sacrifice the blackest goat
Bring the heartache and the pain
Sing of sorrow in a sweet refrain

To curse me – so come on… – and hurt me

I pain't your name with fire on my hurting skin
My love within – I feel my love within
I feel your emptiness – in my heart and soul
My love within – I feel my love within
Inside my love – inside my life – my love

We can never shake the pain its seems
And all that left in hollow dreams
Make happiness in memories
Make light a thing I'll never see

Forget me – so come on… – and leave me


I beg you to stay – on my knees I pray
I am everything – you want me to be
I won't speak – I won't cry
And if you ask me to… I will die


Текст добавил Jetboy 16.6.2016 23:27

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