Текст песни Cripper Slowly Beaten Hate Machine

Slowly beaten hate machine
Hide and seek, not to be seen
Inside outbreaking infection
Punishment drilled to perfection

Absolutely unimpressed
Left behind but self possessed
Happy birthday antihero
Countdown backwards ten to zero

Breed of hate
Feed and wait

Epidemic state of mind
Lonely, to its thoughts confined
Echoing a dated laughter
Adding up equals disaster

Flashbacking these memories
Looking for a chance to ease
Leaving every promise empty
Yes is no, replaces maybe

Tripping on the aftermath
There's no God to fear His wrath
Revenge is a strong desire
Raging, sets the soul on fire

Far beyond catastrophe
Can't deny what has to be
High degree of desperation
Instinct of self-preservation

Текст добавил darkerthanblack 18.3.2011 22:12

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