Текст песни Cripper Trapped

Is to hear me scream
I'm not loud at all
Who's to tell me with no voice
Nonsense to my ears

Is the ear that's deaf
Listen to what I say
Words will never free your mind
Remaining unheard

No - way out
No - regret
No - thing

The shadows fall
The light is low
And the window's shut
The backdoor's locked
There's no way out
You are exposed

By my dazzling light
It's too dark to see
What you see's not what you get
Read between the lines

Are a lack of light
No one's ever seen
There is more than meets the eye
Hiding in the dark

Not a feeling's left
Fear the feel that hurts
I am here, don't you remember
Salt inside your wound

Stays a creation
Kept inside a box
I won't hide what I create
'Cause it makes me free

Текст добавил darkerthanblack 18.3.2011 22:19

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