Текст песни Cripper Kill My Thirst

Fear can grow
Where safety was
And hate will rise
Where lovers lost

We're missing things
We used to have
Are playing with what
We need the most

At the time
We recognize
We're giving up
'Cause it's too late

I hide myself in strength
And cover dirt with paint
Pretend to never bother
But care from start to end

I am a friend rejector
Too many I have lost
A promise doesn't matter
For I prefer distrust

I want to live in freedom
Though I cannot let go
The more I try to pick up
The less I seem to know

I cannot stay where I am
Don't know where else to run
The future left behind me
I'm waiting for what's gone

Bastards live
Where dreamers die
With angry source
Respect runs dry

We want to stay
And settle down
What we learn instead
Is how to leave

On the road
We miss our homes
While being there
Can lock us in

I know I am a fighter
What for I still don't get
The reason I am still here
Is I don't dare to leave

I hate me for the reasons
The others love me for
My strength and my endurance
Makes them leave me alone

Take a peek
But do not touch
Dare to touch
But don't take home

We need directives
To feel free
It is the choice
That insecures

Hopes are high
And aims are great
What we can't have
We want the most

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