Текст песни Crown The Empire Graveyard Souls

We sit atop of a
Broken world
We are not holy we are
Graveyard souls

In the midst of all the chaos we are so quick to place the blame
On what we don't understand
Our brothers and sisters that don't share our name

The echoes of this desperate world
Fill up my lungs like I'm reborn
Let's find strength in the unfamiliar
And hold that truth close to our heart
Shut your eyes
And let life restart

Love is an abandoned thought

What is the point of this, if hate's what we rely on?
What is the point?

I don't see truth in their lies
I see the blood shed
A mask-less disguise
And countless of lives

Destroyed by a world
Created by men
When will it end?
When will it end?

Only you and I
Have a chance to make our wrongs in to rights
And heaven knows I've plenty I've done wrong
But only I can choose what I become

When the Lightning strikes
And we blindly must whether the world through the door
Just shut your eyes
And remember you're never alone

Hope is what we hold on to
When fear is all that we know
If darkness and heaven are both in existence
I promise there's somewhere to go.

I can't see what's wrong with living for myself
Question your thoughts

And free yourself from what you think that you're not
There's always somewhere else to go

There's always somewhere else to go

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