Текст песни Cutting Pink with Knives All Our Oldest Spirits & Ghosts

Mountains become wolves and serpents
Orbits become trendy dances
The spirit fathers guide your way
And hold your hands through massive deserts
Us kids can become lost in quasars
And drowned in physics and drama
But there's one answer that I always found
Was always way close to my heart

"I appreciated that they're the closest friends I'll ever have
But I just don't have proof and there's just too much malaise man!"

Well my best friends are still in touch with
All their oldest spirit fathers
They have weighed them up against their
Ageing epistemic structures
And when they replaced god and science
With their oldest spirit fathers
They found gaps filled
Questions answered and a cure for cancer

Look for them in the night sky
Look for them in the night sky
Yeah, look for them in the night sky

All those dying spirits and ghosts

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