Тексты песен Daggermouth

Daggermouth - A Merkin In The Streets0
Daggermouth - Abracadabra Holmes0
Daggermouth - Dan Don Get Off Your Fucking Phone0
Daggermouth - Does Anyone Know What Snfu Stands For?0
Daggermouth - Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades0
Daggermouth - Frisky Business0
Daggermouth - Glendale P.D. Hates Daggermouth0
Daggermouth - Hawt Lixx0
Daggermouth - Hey Nelson, Go Jump On The Garbage0
Daggermouth - Hit 'Em High, Hit 'Em Low, Don Flamingo0
Daggermouth - I Dance To Trance In Garbage Bag Pants0
Daggermouth - Lassie's Last Dance0
Daggermouth - Pump Lube And Gary The Bear0
Daggermouth - Shildo's Quest: Legacy Of The Dung0
Daggermouth - Sing It Again Rookie Biatch!0
Daggermouth - Steveston Mike Can Mosh To This Anyday!0
Daggermouth - Texas John's Sweet Herbal Remedy0
Daggermouth - The Dude Just Wants His Rug Back0
Daggermouth - The Verbal Uzi. Moo You Fucking Bitches!0
Daggermouth - This Is Chase Brennerman0
Daggermouth - This Is Where The Chocolate Cheesecake Would Be If We Had Any Whammy!0
Daggermouth - Too Late, No Friends0
Daggermouth - Vegas Chaffe, Brutha I Got It Too0
Daggermouth - Wrestlemania 5: Hulk Hogan Vs. Macho Man... Winner Gets Miss Elizabeth's Love0
Daggermouth - You Can't Soar Like An Eagle, When You Hang Out With Turkeys0
Daggermouth - You Do This As A Fad, We Do This As A Lifestyle0

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