Текст песни David Knopfler Anna Tonight

The world was made flesh - Anna was leaving
She belonged in songs I never wrote
The sub-text was real it was "Someone to Believe In"
When she waved from Saint Lucia, man I dived off the boat
Goes to her palace of words and inventions
Sows wild seeds from her rich inner life
She unlocks the vaults of her darkest reflections
Anna, my lover, my beautiful wife
I'm seeking redemption with Anna Tonight

I thought the song would be called Anna Leaving
But you said the song was called Anna Begins
I had the will and the rhyme and the reason
When we traded hearts I was king of the hill
But that's alright I'll call you Anna Tonight.

Crossing the tao of past pleasure's future
Here in the now of this soft silver light
Salt wet bodies, nature's jungle hootchy kootchy
Sensual Anna in the moonlight bright.
I remember Tobago in sweet conversation
She says words are her foreplay but where's her delight?
Her brown eyes betray more than passion for poetry
As I watch myself watch over Anna, I might
Find my redemption with Anna tonight

And if I thought the song was called Anna Leaving
I soon found the song was called Anna Begins
You had the grace and the rhyme and the reason
When we traded hearts I was king of the hill
As colour recedes to a cool black on white
I'll find my redemption with Anna Tonight.

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