Текст песни David Knopfler Come To Me

In caged submission calling for redemption
You came to me through the eye of the storm
Coming to me through the line of this vision
That’s bigger than the both of us.
I’ll do you no wrong
Come to me

With no one to turn to and all faith broken
Down Paradise Walk, last stop Oblivion
A room full of strangers where you cry for no one
The door’s open I’ll do you no wrong

Come to me there’s only release now
Gimme a howl I’m in Paradise Park
If he’s washing you down in the blood of the beast now
Come to me if you’re lost, if you’re lost in the dark
Come to me, come to me

With rocks of ambition, nets of repression
Stake out positions, strange obsessions
Prisoners faking abstract expression
Won’t gain remission making confession

Come to me it’s bigger than the both of us
There’s no possession in Paradise Park
Through the line of vision washing over us
An arc of creation spikes the dark.

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