Текст песни David Knopfler Madonna's Daughter

The darkest of angels
Runs with the night
Checking out of Heaven
She’s the angels shining light
Through the clublands of Babel
A dancer in the crowd
Watch her steal the limelight
The music playing, the music playing loud

You’ll get no pity
From Madonna’s Daughter
No time for remorse now
Men are easy, easy slaughter
The practised actress
the darling’s delight
Takes a man upon each arm
And takes them for the night

They love her and they bleed for her
Embrace her every pain
Step Forth Madonna’s Daughter
Just a kiss off in the rain

It’s desperate encounter
You don’t wanna fight
Deliverance coming
In a white shaft of delight
She comes for you in the early hours
Surrenders to the danger
Madonna’s Daughter
The darkest of strangers

You love here, feed her
Embrace her every pain
Step forth Madonna’s Daughter
A kiss off in the rain

She awakes looking beautiful
Helplessly free
Sleeps like a snake
Dreams mean and hungry
Out upon the mainstreet
She’s come through the flame
Mad Donna’s crazy daughter
Just a kiss off in the rain

You love her and you bleed for her
And she’s driving you insane
Step forth Madonna’s Daughter
Just a kiss off in the rain.

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