Текст песни David Knopfler Means Of Survival

I said hey how can you justify the need
I said wait how could you see but not believe?
How could you leave walking away on denial

I said hey can you justify your greed?
Do you think hearts like mine don't bleed?
I'm on my way another day
Consumed before arrival

For sins such as these the shadows are long
A heart must believe and a heart must be strong
But with friends such as these
Maybe I have the means of survival

You say ""Hey I can't go on with you this way""
I agree Baby something had to change
I'm on my way no ride is free
Fighting for survival

What kind of jealousies brought darkness to you?
So many damaged by the evil you do
I'm on my way, yeah yeah
I'm on my way

For sins such as these
The shadows are long
A heart that can grieve
Is a heart that is strong
With friends I believe
Maybe I've found the means of survival

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