Текст песни David Knopfler Shadowlands

Does the shadowman possess you?
Is your dream still sweet and real?
Pain will always follow pleasure
That's how Nature cuts her deal
With every moment precious
It was time alone we'd steal
First it's heaven then it's hell
To allow all that we feel

I'm going down to these shadowlands
What you can't cure you must endure
In shadowlands

Climbing and disowning
You've made acquisitions
Trading love for the masquerade
Just to realize positions

You put your mouth in someone else's pocket
So you still need need someone to blame
You turn your victim over
But lay bare your face and name
To you who vanquish memory,
In your powerlust for fame,
Brother Banquo he'll be calling
Yeah it's halloween again . . .
I may be leanin' on his shoulder
In these killing fields of shame

And I'll return from These Shadowlands
What we don't cure must be endured
In these shadowlands

Where e'er the Fates may hide us
From the dark seas of our dreams
I pray you yet may find us
If you share these final scenes
By God's grace let you be the one
Who'll hear the sad refrain
From the echoes of a love song
On The Late Show playin'
A survivor of the airwaves
Sees the sun going down in flame
Framed against his doorway
A silhouette in chains...

Hell-bound for these shadowlands
What we don't cure must be endured
In these shadowlands
And if we won't learn for sure we'll burn
In these Shadowlands.

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